Bad Survivalist Poetry: “where the space ends” by Anthony Santulli

            even maps know that point of view

                  is a lifeless music—that the next sense

              to evolve       will only create further desire

                           to escape from experience

  at intermission, the utterance of terms

            we barely notice (these things happen in

                        the cracks, their particular hiss)

                                       it goes from the center—what

                           we already know—to the margin

                                    not suggesting the world

                                  but its transparency


  this meeting of place and memory

     leads each wall to its vertex: find a home in

familiar corners, but do not record this process

where the frosted path has been driven

with stakes, the knowledge of something yet to happen

   forges a second life         of reflection, of ruptures

in which my life stands before the bulldozer

as a moment unplanned

      in which you try to come to terms with structure

                                          before its terms come to you

Anthony Santulli is a New Jersey born writer with a BA in Creative Writing and Italian from Susquehanna University. His recent work has appeared in minor literature[s], the tiny journal, Juste Milieu Lit Review, Bartleby Snopes, and Literary Orphans.


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