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  • A Summoning by Nicole McCarthy

    A Summoning by Nicole McCarthy

    Can we exorcise a memory? Can we purge those that are a danger to us? Rewriting moments of trauma while coming to terms with a family in the early stages of memory loss, A Summoning muddles the line between fiction and nonfiction, poetry and prose, text and image. Each segment is fragmented but fluid, weaving…

  • Current Issue

    Current Issue

    Volume 12 of the Heavy Feather Review literary annual. Featuring art from Russell Evans and anti-comics by Tex Gresham. Fiction by Tony Burgess, Christian TeBordo, Z.Z. Boone, Divya Maniar, David Leo Rice, and Ed Falco. Poetry by Anthony Robinson, Olena Jennings, Louis Armand, Sean Singer, Joe Milazzo, and Evan Williams. The 2021 Zachary Doss Friends…

  • Bards & Brews Reader, an anthology

    Bards & Brews Reader, an anthology

    BNB logo designed by Emily Weddle Table of Contents FICTION “Shangri La Dee Da”Dan Mancilla “Bigfoot’s Overcoat”Matthew Fogarty NONFICTION “Staff Meeting”“Rescue”“Scorpio, Born in the Year of the Cock”“Go, Jim Dandy”Ginny MacDonald Broadside Excerpt from “Field Notes”Josh MacIvor-Andersen POETRY “How to Skin a Rabbit”“Assembly Instructions for an IKEA® HEMNES Marriage”“In Bloom”“Make Mine Moxie”Jen Hahn Nielsen “Hymn for the…

  • Seafaring Split by Jessica Q. Stark and Kiley McLaughlin

    Seafaring Split by Jessica Q. Stark and Kiley McLaughlin

    Image: Josh Dorman, “Night Fishing II” Table of Contents \\\Side A///Jessica Q. StarkThe Liminal Parade “Strange Beasts”“Tissue Cultures in Auckland”“Epileptic Release Hounds”“Gizzard Stones”“Re: Pls Fwd All Future Arrangements” 2015 WinnerDouble Take Poetry PrizeSelected by Dorothea Lasky * \\\Side B///Kiley McLaughlinACTION PRAISE PRAISE “Action”“And Praise and Praise” 2015 Runner UpDouble Take Poetry Prize Next>>

  • Follow Through by Colin Winnette

    Follow Through by Colin Winnette

    Image: Grazyna Smalej Winner of the 2014 Heavy Feather Chapbook AwardJudge Lucy Corin, author of One Hundred Apocalypses and Other Apocalypses: “Follow Through is elegant, sure footed, smart—a nest of sticks that won’t stay sticks—a nest of sticks that snowballs—scary and marvelous.” Table of Contents>>

  • Shirts or Skins by Jim Redmond

    Shirts or Skins by Jim Redmond

    Image: Cristina Troufa Winner of the 2014 Heavy Feather Chapbook AwardJudge Noah Eli Gordon, author of The Word Kingdom in the Word Kingdom: “Jim Redmond’s poems are situated between the palm at the end of the mind and the parking lot of a now-gutted Midwestern Denny’s. Like the twisted portraiture of Francis Bacon or the whiskey-soaked lyrics…

  • Facts about Snakes & Hearts by Flower Conroy

    Facts about Snakes & Hearts by Flower Conroy

    Image: Michael McConnell Winner of the 2015 Heavy Feather Chapbook AwardJudge Kristina Marie Darling, author of Dark Horse: “Formally dexterous and luminous in its imagery, Flower Conroy’s Facts about Snakes & Hearts skillfully situates the age-old tradition of the love lyric in a postmodern literary landscape. Presenting us with ‘flames,’ ‘a wishing bell,’ and ‘a brass bed made of…

  • The way the sky was now by Ryder Collins

    The way the sky was now by Ryder Collins

    Image: Eben A. Kling Winner of the 2013 Heavy Feather Chapbook AwardJudge Amber Sparks, author of The Unfinished World and Other Stories: “‘And so it came to be. & so it came to be that Big Mama squatted and borned us. & we came out squalling and waving sticks.’ This is the way we’re launched into one…