Current Issue

Volume 12 of the Heavy Feather Review literary annual.

Featuring art from Russell Evans and anti-comics by Tex Gresham.

Fiction by Tony Burgess, Christian TeBordo, Z.Z. Boone, Divya Maniar, David Leo Rice, and Ed Falco.

Poetry by Anthony Robinson, Olena Jennings, Louis Armand, Sean Singer, Joe Milazzo, and Evan Williams.

The 2021 Zachary Doss Friends in Letters Memorial Fellowship Winners.

And much more.


Publication Date: Aug 10, 2022
Paperback: 196 pages
ISBN: 9781955390040

In addition, the Print Archives is a searchable category of work published since 2012. The project is an attempt to bring as much of the print issue online as possible. But a few issues remain in print:

Volume 11

Jessica Lee Richardson, nicole v basta,
Alan Michael Parker et al.


Publication Date: July 6, 2021
Paperback: 167 pages
ISBN: 9781955390026

Volume 10

Joanna Ruocco, Tyler Barton, Jessie Janeshek et al.


Publication Date: Apr 15, 2021
Paperback: 149 pages
ISBN: 9781955390019

Volume 9

Vi Khi Nao, Stephen Dixon, Glenn Shaheen et al.


Publication Date: Apr 15, 2021
Paperback: 119 pages
ISBN: 9781955390002