The following are available to review or for other forms of coverage:



Portrait of Sebastian Khan by Aatif Rashid

My Stunt Double by Trevor Denton

Thirty Seven by Peter Stenson

Shelf Life of Happiness by Virginia Pye

River of Love by Aimée Medina Carr

The Bar Is Low by Benjamin DeVos

Survival House by Wendell Mayo

Tonic and Balm by Stephanie Allen

Subterranean by Sarah Colombo

The Wonder That Was Ours by Alice Hatcher

THE SPUD by Brielle Brilliant

The Place You’re Supposed to Laugh by Jenn Stroud Rossmann

Horse Latitudes by Morris Collins

Katz or Cats or How Jesus Became My Rival in Love by Curt Leviant

The Bird Catcher by Fayeza Hasanat

Scoundrels Among Us by Darrin Doyle 

Space, Collisions by L.N. Holmes

Fabulations by José de Piérola 

Berlingeles by Stefan Kiesbye

Dig the Meat Music by Daulton Dickey

Made by Mary by Laura Catherine Brown

Dollhouse Masquerade by Samuel E. Cole

All About the Dog by Guilie Castillo Oriard

The Icelandic Cure by JD Moyer

Perfect Conditions by Vanessa Blakeslee

On the Bitch by Matt Potter

Messiah Tortoise by James R. Gapnski

The Vain Conversation by Anthony Grooms

JRZDVLZ by Lee Klein



Babeldom by Talal Alyan

The Tenant of Fire by Ryan Black

Yellow Moving Man by Ron Koertge

Sidebend World by Charles Harper Webb

Plasma by Bradley Paul

Once I Was Many Other Things by Jessie Knoles

Three Syllables Describing Addiction by Kate Daniels

Season of Dares by Leah Silvieus

Séance in Daylight by Yuki Tanaka

And God Created Women by Connie Voisine

The Bitter Map by Crystal Boson

Oracle: A Cosmology by Mahogany Browne

Milk by Dorothea Lasky

Diffusely Yours by Kate Garklavs

The Rise of the Genderqueer by Wren Hanks

Distance Traveled by Michael Chin

The Good Girl Is Always a Ghost by Anne Champion

Cease by Beth Bachmann

I Can’t Talk about the Trees without the Blood by Tiana Clark

Refuse by Julian Randall

Autobiography of a Wound by Brynne Rebele-Henry

Smudgy and Lossy by John Myers

YEAH NO by Jane Gregory


Reaper’s Milonga by Lucian Mattison

House Crossing by Laurie Patton

A Very Small Forest Fire by Andrew Duncan Worthington

National Park by Emily Sieu Liebowitz

Scorpio by Katy Bohinc

The Patron Saint of Cauliflower by Elizabeth Cohen

the empty season by Catherine Bresner

Spokes of an Uneven Wheel by Colin Dodds

The Cowherd’s Son by Rajiv Mohabir

A Head Full of Dreams by James Ardis

Too High and Too Blue in New Mexico by Becca Yenser

Ghost Of by Diana Khoi Nguyen

Let’s Sit Down, Figure This Out by Grant Kittrell

the new gods by Caseyrenée Lopez

The Hatch by Joe Fletcher

Blue Means Snow by Wheeler Light

Age of Glass by Anna Maria Hong

Orient by Nicholas Gulig

Tunsiya/Amrikiya by Leila Chatti

Urbilly by Michael Dowdy

So Long the Sky by Mary Kovaleski Byrnes



Everything Lost Is Found Again by Will McGrath

Legends of Slow Explosion: Eleven Modern Lives by Baron Wormser

Ethical Probe on Mixed Martial Artists in the USA by Andy Martrich

The Leftovers by Shaelyn Smith

At the Lightning Field by Laura Raicovich

A Good Leave by George Sawaya & Devin Kelly

Unravelings by Sarah Cheshire



Nioque of the Early-Spring by Francis Ponge (Translated by Jonathan Larson)

Flesh of Leviathan by Chus Pato (Translated by Erin Moure)

In the Woods of Memory by Shun Medoruma (Translated by Takuma Sminkey)

Fastness: A Translation from the English of Edmund Spenser (Translated by Trevor Joyce) 



When I Arrived at the Castle by Emily Carroll

Lunch Quest by Chris Kuzma

A Children’s Book of Demons by Aaron Leighton

One Dirty Tree by Noah Van Scriver

House of the Black Spot by Ben Sears

A House in the Jungle by Nathan Gelgud

Roaming Foilage by Patrick Kyle

Chlorine Gardens by Keiler Roberts

Evie and the Truth about Witches by John Martz

Ghost Queen by Britt Wilson


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