The following are available to review or for other forms of coverage:



SNOWDOG by Kim Chinquee

The Twilight Zone by Nona Fernandez (Translated by Natasha Wimmer)

Let Me Think by J. Robert Lennon

Subdivision by J. Robert Lennon

Wild Swims by Dorthe Nors (Translated by Misha Hoekstra)

The Death of the Cyborg Oracle by Jordan A. Rothacker

The Joyful Mysteries by Pam Jones

A Small Crowd of Strangers by Joanna Rose

A Place Remote by Gwen Goodkin

The Rumphulus by Joseph G. Peterson

Ancestry by Eileen O’Leary

On Neutral Zones by Daniel Falatko

Behind This Mirror by Lena Bertone

The Prince of Mournful Thoughts and Other Stories by Caroline Kim

Jillian in the Borderlands by Beth Alvarado

Hunting Season by Julia Brennan

Peripheral Visions and Other Stories by Nancy Christie

Death, Desire, and Other Destinations by Tara Isabel Zambrano

One Small Saga by Bobbie Louise Hawkins

A Sense of the Whole by Siamak Vossoughi

The Bitter Kind by James Claffey & Tara Lynn Masih



The Burning Where Breath Used to Be by Jen Karetnick

The Tenant of Fire by Ryan Black

Theatrix: Poetry Plays by Terese Svoboda

How It Looks Away from Here by Joan Fiset

In the Awakening Season by Matthew Mumber

frank: sonnets by Diane Seuss

Other Maidens by Toti O’Brien

One Illuminated Letter of Being by Donald Platt

The House of the Tree of Sores by Paul Cunningham

Requisite by Tanya Holtland

Poemas de Amor / Love Poems by Idea Vilariño (Translated by Jesse Lee Kercheval)

The Body Wars by Jan Beatty

Earnest, Earnest? by Eleanor Boudreau

Be Holding by Ross Gay

Descent by Lauren Russell

The Close Chaplet by Laura Riding

Arena by Lauren Shapiro

Dream Boat by Shelley Feller

Ready for the World by Becca Klaver



Negative Space by Lily Dancyger

Certain and Impossible Events by Candace Jane Opper

Warhol’s Mother’s Pantry by M.I. Devine

Lyrebird by Meredith Clark

Wife | Daughter | Self: A Memoir in Essays by Beth Kephart

An Archipelago in Landlocked Country by Elisa Taber

Seconds and Inches by Carly Israel

Just Us by Claudia Rankine


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