The following are available to review or for other forms of coverage:



Make/Shift by Joe Sacksteder

A Dog Between Us by Duncan B. Barlow

Xerox Over Manhattan by Shane Jesse Christmass

Horsebuggy by Joshua Kornreich

The Book of the Last Word by Jesi Bender

Tonic and Balm by Stephanie Allen

Miraculum by Steph Post

Men and Women by Joseph McElroy

And So We Die Having First Slept by Jennifer Spiegel

Gristle: Weird Tales by Jordan A. Rothacker

Temper CA by Paul Skenazy

Life During Wartime by Katie Rogin

My Stunt Double by Trevor Denton

River of Love by Aimée Medina Carr

Tonic and Balm by Stephanie Allen

Subterranean by Sarah Colombo



Kola Superdeep Borehole by Joe Fletcher

Hawk Parable by Tyler Mills

Exiles of Eden by Ladan Osman

Vidya’s Tree by Claire Kageyama-Ramakrishnan

Writing Your Name on the Glass by Jim Whiteside

Settlers by F. Daniel Rzciznek

The Uninhabitable by Jesse Rice-Evans

This, Sisyphus by Brandon Courtney

Ugly Music by Diannley Antigua

Ceremony of Sand by Rodney Gomez

Stay by Tanya Olson


Gloss by Rebecca Hazelton

Famous Times by Thea Brown

Doomstead Days by Brian Teare

Match Cut by Letitia Trent

House of Sparrows: New and Selected Poems by Betsy Sholl

Dear Terror, Dear Splendor by Melissa Crowe

We Have Been Lucky in the Midst of Misfortune by Sarah Stern

Sheet Music by Marina Blitshteyn

The Owl Was a Baker’s Daughter by Gillian Cummings

Disappearing, Inc. by Brandon Amico



100 Times: A Memoir of Sexism by Chavisa Woods

The Skinned Bird by Chelsea Biondolillo

And It Begins Like This by LaTanya McQueen

Phantom Signs: The Muse in Universe City by Philip Brady

Death Valley Superstars by Duke Haney

Time’s Up by Robert Cobat

Everything Lost Is Found Again by Will McGrath



Cannonball by Kelsey Wroten

When I Arrived at the Castle by Emily Carroll

A Children’s Book of Demons by Aaron Leighton

One Dirty Tree by Noah Van Scriver

House of the Black Spot by Ben Sears

A House in the Jungle by Nathan Gelgud

Roaming Foilage by Patrick Kyle

Chlorine Gardens by Keiler Roberts

Evie and the Truth about Witches by John Martz

Ghost Queen by Britt Wilson


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