The Future: DEAR WOLFMOTHER, a post-apocalyptic, digital novel in four parts by Matthew Burnside


The WOLFMOTHER quartet is a post-apocalyptic digital novel that will unfold in four serialized installments / seasons / operatic movements of which the first two are available: [ALLEGRO /// SUMMER] & [ADAGIO /// AUTUMN].

It’s a non-commercial artifact using a number of public domain images, creative commons music and artwork (all fully credited), a Wix site, along with minor animations, various gif tools and effects.

Storywise, it’s about a girl named Coda who lives in a burnt-out amusement park after a war kills off most of the world’s children. There, she raises wolves, meditates on cartoons, and slaughters scabbers and grimers with her giant railsword.

Themewise, it’s about classical music, territorialism, trauma, xenophobia, and loneliness.

It’s free to read and doesn’t cost anything. Click on the gif above to begin.

Or click here to read the WOLFMOTHER quartet.

All I ask is, if you like it, please share it with someone else you think might like it too.

Thanks for reading!


Matthew Burnside is a writer. He tweets @MatthewBurnsid7.

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