“Bunnyman Bridge Is Haunted”: A Haunted Passages Hybrid Piece by Colleen Kearney Rich

Haunted Passages: Colleen Kearney Rich

Bunnyman Bridge Is Haunted

The legend is that a bus from the insane asylum crashed near the bridge and patients escaped. One patient was never found. But they did find the remains of several dead rabbits.

I remember stopping at the Sonic for onion rings and a cherry limeade. Max always has these tiny bottles of vodka in the car. It goes perfect with cherry limeade. Max got some kind of messy hot dog. He is always hungry. I don’t remember eating the onion rings.

If you think about a legend too much, it ruins it. Like where was the insane asylum they were traveling from? There are no asylums near here.

We were meeting people at the Bridge. That’s where my memory gets fuzzy.

Bunnyman Bridge isn’t really a bridge. It is an overpass for the trains, but it is still spooky. The energy is different in the tunnel. Abby once took selfies when we were down there, and there were big orbs in some of the photos. She said the orbs are spirits.

It was a chilly night. I asked Max to turn the heat on in the car. He said of course I was cold. I was drinking a cup of ice.

Bunnyman Bridge was once on one of those 100 scariest places shows. This was a long time ago. You can find it on YouTube. The creepy little psychic woman from the Poltergeist movie was part of the segment. It was so fake. They went to some decrepit old mansion. There was lots of screaming. There is no mansion near Bunnyman Bridge.

Abby and Bryant are so unreliable that I was surprised Max agreed to meet up with them. They are always late. Sometimes they don’t show at all.

There is a local historian who has tried to trace the Bunnyman Bridge story. We read about this in English class. He says the “legend” is linked to a man who threw a hachet at a couple sitting in their car several miles away. They called the police. The woman said the attacker was dressed in a bunny costume. The historian thinks he was probably wearing a hoodie. Mrs. Hendrix called this “folklore.”

I remember a lot about the bridge. That night, not so much. I was so cold. Max remembers more than I do, but he doesn’t want to talk about it.

Some kids died near Bunnyman Bridge, but the Bunnyman didn’t get them. It was carbon monoxide poisoning. Some say it was a suicide pact. Don’t believe it. Now people leave flowers, candles, and stuffed animals by the bridge.

The police patrol Bunnyman Bridge regularly. They try to discourage kids from hanging out there, but they still come, mostly on weekends, mostly at night.

The kids like to take selfies at the bridge. Sometimes I will try to get in these photos and make bunny ears on one of the girls. This makes Max smile. He gets the joke.

Colleen Kearney Rich is the author of the chapbook Things You Won’t Tell Your Therapist (Finishing Line Press, 2019). Her writing has been published in SmokeLong Quarterly, Wigleaf, matchbook, and Pithead Chapel, among others. She lives in Northern Virginia, not far from Bunnyman Bridge.

Image: northernvirginiamag.com

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