New Podcast by Pablo D’Stair for The Disembodied Parts: A Rhapsody 

I have started in with Audio production (freelance for other people and doing my own projects) and my first offering has officially launched. It is 10 episode Podcast version of my most recent novel THE DISEMBODIED PARTS: A Rhapsody. The thing is done as a presentation of a dramatic recitation of the novel’s text. The novel and this audio version are kinda a meaningful, passion project for me.

The Premiere Episode is now live (new episodes every week – between 40 and 50 minutes each).

Currently, it’s available via Podbean (where it is hosted) and through Spotify – episodes will begin appearing on Audible, iTunes and other places soon, too (they are all on different timetables. There is no charge, of course.



Pablo D’Stair was born in 1981. At the age of 19 he composed his first novel (October People) for the 3 Day Novel Writing Contest sponsored by Anvil Press. The novel did not win the competition but was published in the subsequent year – along with his second novel (Confidant) – by the infamous and now defunct vanity book-mill Publish America. In the mid-2000’s, D’Stair co-founded the art-house press Brown Paper Publishing with his colleague, the novelist, musician, and painter Goodloe Byron. Through this press and its literary journal Predicate, he released the work of more than fifty of his peers along with editions of two dozen of his own books. Eventually shuttering BPP, D’Stair founded (KUOBA) press, continuing to publish work by his contemporaries. During this era, his own literary output remained prolific but largely unreleased, though several works were made available as limited-edition print projects and in various electronic mediums. D’Stair spent several years as a cinema critic – primarily for the UK site Battle Royale with Cheese – and as an essayist/interviewer for the national newspaper of Sri Lanka’s Sunday Observer (through which periodical several of his novella and a story collection were serialized). Also during this period, D’Stair began working as an underground filmmaker in the capacities of writer, director, cinematographer, editor, and performer – the cinematography of his first feature (A Public Ransom) earned an award in international competition at the XIX Internacionlni TV Festival (Bar, Montenegro 2014). D’Stair has also written several volumes of poetry, more than four dozen pieces of theatre, written and directed music videos, written and illustrated graphic novels and comic-book series, and produced audio essays. His work across all mediums has often been released pseudonymously.

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