Two Poems by Kyle Harvey

Poetry: Kyle Harvey

—for Danny Rosen and Jack Mueller

We are the sea and we rise

with the break off

of ice,
the direction

easy over grease,
the way melt path-slick.

We have not
any or

much time. Or, hell,
we may have forever.

What will we do? These
final and endless days,

does it matter?

Why do we expect
meaning to be profound?

Instead, quiet. Common
word. Kindness.

Shit happens.

It’s not American Idol, man,
it’s not about you.

 Or is it?
Save yourself.

Others will.

You can bet
your faith on that.

Field Recording

Play it again, puncture
the silence

with future sound, brick
in the mouth

of nature’s youth, violence
at the speed of incandescence,

the slow debris
of musique concrete

becomes the thing, while
any semblance of speech

is destroyed, not so much as
a demonstration
, not so much as

physical fact, but as a means
of correction, balance

to the nature of
and to nature’s imperfect stutter:

Na-na-na-nature is-is-is not
s-s-s-separate from I.

I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, for fuck’s sake, no.

Not I,
but nature.

Kyle Harvey is a poet, filmmaker, and photographer. His poetry collection, Hyacinth, was a finalist for the Colorado Book Award, and he was the winner of the Mark Fischer Poetry Prize. His work has appeared in A Dozen Nothing, American Life in Poetry, Dream Pop Press, Empty Mirror, Entropy, Heavy Feather Review, HOUSEGUEST, Metatron, Pilgrimage, Pith, Poems-For-All, SHAMPOO, Think Journal, The Wallace Stevens Journal, and elsewhere. He has published two serial poems, July and Farewell Materials (Lithic Press), as well as a package of broadsides titled The Alphabet’s Book of Colors (Reality Beach). He directed a documentary about the poet Jack Mueller, called Portolano, and is currently working on a documentary film about Neeli Cherkovski, called It’s Nice To Be With You Always, and a manuscript titled The Alphabet That Never Recovers. He lives with his wife and children in Fruita, Colorado, where he manages Lithic Bookstore & Gallery and designs books for Lithic Press.

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