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  • “We”: An Interview with c.vance by Ben Spivey

    “We”: An Interview with c.vance by Ben Spivey

    Ignore the limitations of history. All is accounted for as c. vance reimagines the lives of his family from five different perspectives (father, mother, they, we and she). What we have here is a fabulist’s bildungsroman—a possible history told with solid language and emotional sentences. c. vance composes his pseudo family history as if channeled…

  • Fondly, by Colin Winnette

    Fondly, by Colin Winnette

    When Fondly arrived in the mail I tore open the package and stared at the cover for a second, looked at the back and thought, Yes that is an exploding face. I did not know what to expect from this book. I quickly found out that Fondly was not just a single book but two…

  • Review: Black God, by Ben Spivey

    Review: Black God, by Ben Spivey

    Flowing in the Gossamer Fold was my introduction to Ben Spivey and it has that rare quality of growing in me even long after I read it. It was an interesting book, hypnotically surreal and powerful, but missing something. I enjoyed it greatly but it seemed to fall short of the heights it hinted at,…