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A new book by Nicole McCarthy, 2021

Volume 11 of the Heavy Feather Review literary annual. Featuring art from Alexander White and Rara Avis. Fiction by Jeremy Lybarger, Michelle Donahue, Jessica Lee Richardson, Joachim Glage, and Carlos D. Williamson. Poetry by Jake Bauer, Jordan E. Franklin, nicole v basta, Paul Bisagni, and Genevieve Kersten. Bingo cards by Alan Michael Parker. The 2020 Zachary Doss Friends in Letters Memorial Fellowship Winners. And much more.

ISBN 978-1955390026

Joanna Ruocco, Jessie Janeshek, & Tyler Barton, et. al.
ISBN 978-1955390019

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Stephen Dixon, Vi Khi Nao, & Glenn Shaheen, et. al.
ISBN 978-1955390002