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If you want to support the journal, reading and sharing our print issues is a great place to start! Beginning in 2022, Heavy Feather will also publish single author titles in addition to the literary annual.

A new book by Nicole McCarthy, 2022


+ Art by Rara Avis
+ Fiction by Jeremy Lybarger
+ Fiction by Michelle Donahue
+ Fiction by Jessica Lee Richardson
+ Fiction by Joachim Glage
+ Fiction by Carlos D. Williamson
+ Poetry by Jake Bauer
+ Poetry by Jordan E. Franklin
+ Poetry by nicole v basta
+ Poetry by Paul Bisagni
+ Poetry by Genevieve Kersten
+ Bingo cards by Alan Michael Parker

ISBN 9781955390026

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Joanna Ruocco, Jessie Janeshek, & Tyler Barton, et. al.
ISBN 9781955390019