Side A Hybrid Piece: “Early People” by Jeffrey Hermann

Early People

Early people looked at stars and just had no idea. Then someone had an idea. They drew it on a cave wall with a burnt stick. Meanwhile, I’m eating Sun Chips from a machine. If I had to explain the world to paleolithic humans I’d take them someplace quiet and wait for an airplane to fly overhead. I think we’d all have a good cry. Snack flavors have come a long way since I was a kid. They found out it’s all about smell, a great trick. I love falling for a thing that humans fall for, like getting emotional about high school sports, or blaming each other for randomness in the universe. They didn’t make me take math in community college so I studied the history of our broken hearts. In my final thesis, I claimed there’s no telling if nature values individuals or the species more, but that was just me being dumb.

Jeffrey Hermann’s poetry and prose has appeared in Okay Donkey, Lost Balloon, Rust & Moth, trampset, and other publications. Though less publicized, he finds his work as a father and husband to be rewarding beyond measure.

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