“[UNTITLED LOVE SONG],” an acrostic poem by Jess Yuan

Jess Yuan


Favorite observer, how you
Undulate between a blue loud emptiness and this
Ceiling which shelters and
Keeps the perimeter defined

Throughout and beneath
Heaping insight upon insight until it compacts
Enriches, densifies, coagulates into

Prediction for the built world
Artifact of its struggle, puddled.
That’s my anxiety about establishing
Relationships. I worry the 
Investment is seen by
All. I worry the
Recording sounds like I know better when I
Couldn’t for years open my
Heart to anyone not even

Jess Yuan is a poet, architect, and educator. Her first book of poetry, Slow Render, is forthcoming as winner of the Airlie Prize, and her chapbook, Threshold Amnesia, was winner of the Yemassee Chapbook Contest. Jess has received fellowships from Kundiman and Miami Writers Institute, and her poems have appeared in Best New Poets, jubilat, Tupelo Quarterly Review, Beloit Poetry Journal, and elsewhere. 

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