Poetry for Flavor Town USA: “In Foil” by Kath DeGennaro

Flavor Town USA: Kath DeGennaro

In Foil

It’s something about the way you have to hold it in your hands
the way your mother might have made you one
before she let you become out of her reach.

When I see people eating sandwiches in public         I cannot look away.

It’s something about how you can eat it standing up
with your neck pushed forward
or even dog-like
but careful not to get too dirty
to keep everything right where you’ve got it
so you can still taste it in your mouth             later.

Eating a sandwich you can keep up with the
Fast Life          the
food-means-close-to-nothing life        the
into the pool without digesting first
kind of life.

Dear Sandwich,
Maybe I can’t look away when I see you getting eaten         because
nobody spends time at the table anymore.

Kath DeGennaro is a writer originally from Long Island. She currently lives in Brooklyn and works in the restaurant industry while she finishes a BA in The Arts at The New School.

Image: colourbox.com

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