The Future by (∀/non i/U): “UX-000-111 (Oxygen),” from a larger work in progress called U/X

UX-000-111″ is from a larger work in progress called U/X, about the author’s (∀/non i/U) User eXperience w/ the fundamental elements + how we forever live in the interface of the senses, under the spell of the “man-maid” objects we think we make when in fact they make us make them.

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UX-000-111 (Oxygen)

∀/non i/U is a pseudonym of the posthumun artist collectively known as “anon I’m us,” who have created other book objects under various other guises, including 4ier X-forms, Textiloma, A Raft Manifest + Ark Codex ±0. They also make music as ½ of Sound ƒuries + blog @

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