Haunted Passages: Two Poems by Matthew Weddig

Haunted Passages: Matthew Weddig

after a generally positively reviewed yet deeply boomerfied slasher released in 2022

when you are too old to fuck
all you have left to you is murder

your only options now are
rent out the farmhouse in the back
block the exits with your frail body
the passage of time owes you this much
why should the young bodies be young be bodies
why not pick them off one by one
why not dance in the blood-splattered headlights of their car
please rush $15 to my campaign

seller’s market

with an american remake of a japanese horror movie
we can reframe our cultural anxieties can adapt the
tensions familiar to japanese horror of individual
sacrifice of how morality can be subverted for the
greater good of necessary evil and shed new light new
worries new ceaselessness on the expectations the
 tropes the staples of american horror such as
looking for an apartment in new york city

two bed one bath
in-building laundry
haunted by the ghost of a girl who drowned

the american audience understands the fear
that when you see a place you like
you have to jump on it

Matthew Weddig (he/him) is a Brooklyn-based medical editor. He has previously written about arts and culture for NPRKill Screen, and Bad Books Good Times, and his poetry is forthcoming in Full Stop Quarterly. He likes to make his cat watch horror movies with him. Assorted works can be found at linktr.ee/matthewjulius.

Image: flixwatch.co

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