“the silence feat. uranus, neptune,” a poem by Michael Russell


the silence feat. uranus, neptune

in the new dub
for season 3 of sailor moon,

the outer guardians
uranus & neptune are lovers

who came from the coldest
pocket in space, the unstitched

hem of our galaxy.
their mission: to burn

through the silence
glaive pressed against

the thin cherry blossom
of a human throat.

their throats, maybe
—ours? boyfriend,

on a crowded street
how many planets exist

between your lips

& mine?

i want to flick honey
off my tongue, let its sweet

nothing land in the cove
of your ear.

how many planets exist
between pop music                  & masculinity?

my nape                                   
& diamonds of sweat

                                                 your beard? sweetheart,

armor the soft throat

of your body
drifting alone & down

a midnight alley,
into a movie theater

where lights sizzle
before they simmer

& speakers
throw sirens like knuckles.

i want to walk my fingers
along the unflexed

muscles in your hand,
burn through risk

with water, air, love.

Michael Russell (he/they) is the author of chapbook Grindr Opera (Frog Hollow Press). He’s queer, has BPD, Bipolar Disorder, and way too much anxiety. His work has appeared in Arc Poetry MagazineSICK Magazine, and untethered, among other places. He lives in Toronto and thinks you’re fantabulous. Insta: @michael.russell.poet.

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