Two Poems by Eddy Jordan from Vol. 9

Poetry: Eddy Jordan

Theatre for Realtors

An afternoon for burning, we look
in houses.
A chance to make
some theatre for realtors
we say, realtors
are people too

we think.
We talk
loud, walk wide,

itch our invisible beards together.

What do you think honey?

It’s nice, I mean, but the kitchen?

Kitchens can be redone.

Sure, but

The lighting is nice.

The lighting is

& the trees.


I like this room here.

Mmm. The windows. It is nice.

We could weep
& weep hard here

Unfolding Day

Everyday an artist
is unfolding the moon
the wrong way. Some too quietly
& too fast. Some drink
too many calendar landscapes
away and forget when their unfolding
day is. Some grease
up the moon with their
watery food fingers and leave it
all to stains
bleeding clear through the brown
paper bag. Tomorrow
I’ll unfold
the moon and it’ll be just
how mom unfolded me.

Eddy Jordan is an actor and writer born and raised in Longmont, Colorado, who recently moved to Chicago. He earned his BFA from CU Boulder in 2015 and has a constant fixation on poetry in performance. His poems have been featured in GASHER Journal, Punch Drunk Press, Thirteen Myna Birds, Timber Journal, and CU Honors Journal.


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