Bards & Brews Reader, a 2016-17 anthology of series performers

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Table of Contents


Shangri La Dee Da
Dan Mancilla

Bigfoot’s Overcoat
Matthew Fogarty



Staff Meeting
Scorpio, Born in the Year of the Cock
Go, Jim Dandy
Ginny MacDonald

Broadside Excerpt from “Field Notes”
Josh MacIvor-Andersen



How to Skin a Rabbit
Assembly Instructions for an IKEA® HEMNES Marriage
In Bloom
Make Mine Moxie
Jen Hahn Nielsen

Hymn for the Colt
Bawlmer Crabs
An Anatomical Study Concerning the North American Whitetail
Chucky Be Drowning
Drowning Doesn’t Look Like Drowning
Casey Thayer

Diary Entry After Auden
On Beauty and Breakdown
Kyle McCord

Shotgunning Beers in the Parking Lot of the Country Club
I Was Born in a Cloud
Ally Harris