Flavor Town USA Poetry: “On Eggs” by Evan Williams

Flavor Town USA: Evan Williams

On Eggs

Scrambled  poached  over easy   over medium   over hard   sunny side up   hard boiled   soft boiled screaming   with tabasco   with salsa   with toast   with ketchup   omelette omelet omlet om nom nom let   benedict pope benedict   catholic eggs fertilized   unfertilized Rocky Balboa eggs   ostrich eggs   emu eggs   fish eggs caviar   cavalier to spend so much   golden eggs   easter eggs delivered by rabbits   quail eggs   people eggs monozygotes dizygotes trizygotes   try to zygote and it’s no fun anymore   smuggled Kinder eggs   mung bean faux eggs   tofu eggs   egg whites   breakfast eggs   dinner eggs   midnight diner eggs   egg salad   egg salad sandwich   fried egg sandwich   dad did it best   little mayo little salt little cheese   cheesy eggs   crack the egg   trampoline egg   what is born this way   dinosaur eggs jurassic park   island of eggs   island out of an egg growing very large   egg incubator aka space   runny egg   marathon egg   gold medalist egg   peg leg captain hook crocodile egg   shakshuka girlfriend’s go to   eggs, deviled   eggs favored by the god fearing   meringue   beat the eggs knock em out   rock em sock em eggs crack the eggs interrogation   who does the egg work for   Sam I am   spam and eggs   ham and eggs   green eggs   care for hollandaise?   sick eggs   rotten eggs   spoiled eggs smelly   trout eggs   river eggs   migrating waterfall eggs   protect the eggs Marlin   Nemo’s egg   Nemo’s brother and sister eggs Marlin   barracuda snack   Nemo   the no one egg   it’s a delusion   Marlin delusion egg   Marlin Nemo is no one   a metaphor egg   Marlin the egg is a metaphor   it’s a metaphor!

Evan Williams is an undergraduate at the University of Chicago. His poetry has recently appeared in Fourteen Poems, and is forthcoming in DIAGRAM. He can be found on Instagram and Twitter @evansquilliams.

Image: poultryhub.org

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