Bonnie Billet: “Dr Larry Nassar,” a poem



Dr Larry Nassar

when you stand up to speak
you’re sucker

told you don’t

‘the nuanced difference       between sexual assault
and an appropriate

medical procedure’

he pawed your small girl tits
he twisted his fingers

into your cunt

gave the doctor all the time

he needed

wearing 4 pairs of underwear
and having your mother

in the office


doesn’t stop the abuse

you find yourself outside

no man can hear you

the wind knocks you down

no one examines the complaints
that go back for years

the FBI

doesn’t call
finally you speak
in open court
holding your sister’s hand
of one hundred and fifty-six women

standing in front of your parents
and the tv cameras
wishing you’d done something different

wishing you’d taken a gun

with you

Bonnie Billet wrote through high school into her thirties, during which she was published in several journals, most of which are no longer publishing, and in Poetry. She started writing again after she retired from the small gardening company she ran with her husband. She has since been published in several journals including So To Speak, Yes, Poetry, and Rhino.

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