“Onyx Egg”: Poetry from The Future by Caleb Nelson

someday things will be the worst they’ve ever been
nothing will be all right essentially everything will suck
the most it’s ever sucked I’ve been trying to prepare
for this impending suckage by holding one blue onyx
egg in my hands while I sleep under the lumbering
thunder of another winter’s calibrated dream

call it whatever you want it’s okay you can call me
a freak or a fiendish collector of stone but I tell you
now there’s a gravity to sight there’s a weight to one’s
sense of place a geological compendium of memories
if you like there’s bits of mineral in my skin your mouth
our bodies dust water flight a bliss you can almost taste

Caleb Nelson is Managing Editor of cream city review and a PhD candidate at University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

Image: usenaturalstone.com

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