Poetry from The Future: “I am amputated on the edge of this black hole” by Jayme Russell

Poetry: Jayme Russell

I am amputated on the edge of this black hole

my singularity
injected wet wear
makes me robotic
hand flexing
feel the mechanical
brain feedback
if I grab you tightly
I can feel you
even though I don’t have you
just like I am real
you are real
rewiring to adjust for new appendages
plug into the network
learn new tasks
improve my understanding
a radical alteration

Jayme Russell is the author of two chapbooks: PINKification (dancing girl press, 2017) and PINKpoems (Adjunct Press, 2017). She received her M.A. in Poetry from Ohio University and her MFA in Poetry from the University of Notre Dame.

Image: bbc.com

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