“Up next,” a visual story hybrid by N.D. Brown


1. The following are real YouTube videos generated from the search, “Protect My Family.”

2. Times Watched: 3

3. Times Watched: 6

4. Times Watched: 2

5. Times Watched: 4

6. Times Watched: 8

7. Times Watched: 1

8. Times Watched: 1/2

9. Times Watched: 3/4

10. Times Watched: 3

11. Times Watched: 5

12. Times Watched: 7



N.D. Brown is an MFA candidate specializing in fiction at The University of South Florida with interest in cross-genre work. Occasionally, he enjoys building hand-made furniture with the help of electric drills and large saws, which he’s found makes the process infinitely easier.

Image: theoutline.com

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