Poetry by Alexa Mal: “Everything You Need to Know about Cooking with Blood”

friends, it’s gotten so practical

the glass thumbs our feet
warmly & we dance
like academics
with arms at the sky

endlessly shifting (fidgetous)
& thundered toward a national monument

won’t you deconstruct my second head
pull out the dead leaves
the crochet needles


[sad girl petitions to be mayor of chai lattes]


I’m just collecting best friends I’m
still pulling an endless
tongue of scarves from other head


[everyone is worried about their bangs]


won’t you find a therapist to marry us

a nice place

to settle your debt
to squish blue
berries in your little fingers


[an exciting new opportunity
is waiting behind this dumpster]


a distinguished form of labor


Alexa Mal’s work has appeared in Whiskey Island, Old Pal, and elsewhere. They earned an MFA in poetry from Portland State University. They live in Cleveland, Ohio. 

Image: andreadonnelly.com

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