Poetry by Jim Daniels: “Boo Boo”

Jim Daniels

Boo Boo

Someone’s feelings were hurt. Bad
Boo Boo. Oops, Boo Boo. Some-
one’s feelings. O I felt your feelings,
wet smooshy feelings.
Big Bang Theory of Hurt
feelings. Dealings
with feelings. Gel and a wet
comb. Band-aids and Cand-
aids. Bloody sweet feelings.
The Long and Short
of feelings. Errors-
in-the-scorebook hurt
feelings. Wheeler-
dealer feelings. O.
Just O of hurt feelings.
I am so O for your
hurt feelings. Can I put
your hurt feelings
in my scrapbook
of hurt feelings?
The pages are stuck
together. Ripping them
apart renews the hurt
feelings. Glue of hurt
feelings. Licked stamps
and postage due

of hurt feelings.
Boo Boo. Boo hoo.
Boo. Who? Dog-lost-
his-bone hurt feelings.
Boner for hurt feelings.
Lost wallet of hurt feelings.
Identity theft of hurt
feelings. Hey, come back
with my hurt feelings!
Enough is never enough
when it comes to hurt feelings.
Enough is too. Much. Hurt.
Feelings. Healing is no
fun for hurt feelings. O
Pout! O lout of missed
hurt feelings. Kiss my hurt
feelings and I will kiss
your hurt feelings. Yours
truly hurt feelings. Ouch.
Hurt. It was a boo boo
to give you a boo boo.
I am hurt with kneeling.
I am curt. And reeling.
If you don’t forgive me
you will hurt my
feelings. O the lip.
Two lips. O the tears.
One tear. Should we speak
in exotic accents? No,
we should not. We might for-
get our hurt feelings. We might
kiss and not make up. Not
wake up. Sleep through
the hurt feelings. I dreamt
I was inside the refrigerator.
Cold, and I was hungry
for hurt feelings. I scraped
the ice off the hurt feelings.
I spread hurt feelings
on burnt toast. I had black
stuff in my teeth so I could
not smile. Am I awake now?
Should I pull the tooth
of your hurt feelings?
Is there a fairy for that?
A fair exchange for that?
The currency is called
I Should Haves but
my wallet is empty.
Stolen, remember? Or
was that your wallet?
Oops. Where has the time
gone? Out with our hurt
feelings? I am jealous
of our hurt feelings
out on the town
while we’re burning
our phone-ears
with our hurt feelings.
If only I had some Boo Boo
Sauce. Farewell Hurt
Feelings! Where are you
from again? Can you show me
on the map?

Jim Daniels is the author of seventeen books of poems. His latest book of fiction, The Perp Walk, was published by Michigan State University Press this year, along with his coedited anthology, RESPECT: The Poetry of Detroit Music. During his long career, he has warmed up for Lucinda Williams at the Three Rivers Arts Festival, read on Prairie Home Companion, had his poem “Factory Love” displayed on a racecar, and sent poetry to the moon with the Moon Arts Project. Awards include the Tillie Olsen Prize, the Brittingham Prize, the Milton Kessler Poetry Prize, two grants from the National Endowment for the Arts, and many others.

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