Poetry by C.T. McGaha: “2 Blessed 2 Be Stressed”

C.T. McGaha

2 Blessed 2 Be Stressed

the older i get
the harder it gets
to believe in my
darkest heart of
hearts that chekhov’s
gun was ever

take a look at that
salamander at
the park
across the monkey

and tell me
that the sun
‘ll still rise
in the east
when i die.

C.T. McGaha is a writer from Charlotte, North Carolina. He founded and co-edits Vanilla Sex Magazine. His work has been featured in Juked, Word Riot, Potluck Magazine, and 90s Meg Ryan, among others. He watches too much television. In a perfect world, Broad City would be a live performance performed at all hours of the waking and sleeping hours, and he would be able to witness this. Follow him on Twitter @ctmcgaha.

Image: fishandboat.com

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