Poetry by merrit k: “What I Meant When I Handed You the Key”

Poetry: merrit k

What I Meant When I Handed You the Key

i’m tired of giving.
i want you to take
everything about me
and crumple it into a
tidy heap beside
the hissing radiator.

later we can
do the work of unfolding
together, smoothing out
new lines with sure hands.

for now, inward pressure,
compression, and
the tense promise
of a spring.

merritt k is a Canadian writer whose work investigates the conditions of intimacy in precarious settings. Her first book, Videogames for Humans, is an exploration of contemporary interactive fiction published by Instar Books in 2015. She currently hosts the podcast Woodland Secrets and can be found on Twitter at @merrittkopas.

Image: youtube.com

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