Poetry by Kamden Hilliard: “Goat Theory”

Poetry: Kamden Hilliard

Goat Theory

is gruff and tumble. started from the bottom and
it’s here. present. accounted for. the Greatest
of All Time don’t do their own accounting. they don’t
add up. Icarus flew too close to the sun. Icarus
is not a GOAT ‘cause GOATs hear too close
and wonder what the fuck yall’s talkin’ ‘bout.

i mean, who hasn’t fantasized abt James Dean
and James Franco fucking? someone who knows
the GOAT is only suspected of dick on dick time.
and even the suspicion is great—how liberal,
our holy GOAT. if the Greatest of All Time is
the Greatest of All Time and not Michael Jordan,

who is always the exception to the rule, the GOAT
pounds printer paper bag tests, chews that shit up
for fun [or fiber—the GOAT is nothing, if not
regular] for what could be rotten in the state
of Denmark if the exceptional keep dribbling?
GOAT violence is not violence but is necessary
violence. if the GOAT aims a explosive phallic
device, it only hits the bad guys and queers. if
the GOAT kills white children he (always he)
is a lone wolf: a defect in an otherwise HQ product
line. the GOAT says pussy when you aren’t
listening or is actively in pursuit of said thing.
a portrait of the GOAT as a programming paradigm?
def object oriented. don’t get the GOAT
started on this PC-shit—he’s a political machine.
he’s apolitical as a machete or a dues ex machina.
that GOAT has not had too much to drink. the
GOAT always blinks this much. the GOAT
doesn’t need any water! the GOAT wants to hear
some fucking Macklemore. the GOAT is on deck
for BP. the GOAT knows where all of Drake’s
niggas fall, and he can’t wait to tell you.

Kamden Hilliard resists colonization. They got good vibes from The Ucross Foundation, The NFAA, The Davidson Institute, and Callaloo. Kamden prefers Kam, is an editor at Jellyfish Magazine, and a reviewer at The Review Review. Their chapbook, DISTRESS TOLERANCE, was published by Magic Helicopter Press in 2016. Find Kam’s work in The Atlas Review, Tammy, Word Riot, Bodega, Redivider, and other sunspots. They have no chill and wonder if you’ve got some to spare.

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