Nathan Wade Carter: Two Poems


Impossibly Large Horn

I am parrots together.
We telepath to concrete veins.
We cross the black when told.
We don’t like to practice.
But that’s what water do.

Weather spits and pisses on the grooves of canyons.
What noise would this make,
A right-size needle and an impossibly large horn?

Coin toss into well. There’s a man down there
and the lip is lined with red. With pearl. With lick.

Who wins the race to sea? Who stirs their fresh into salt?
What men know me?
I am standing in waves wet at the crotch.


I cannot tell you
The meaning
Behind me
There are words
With no english
Not surprising
Our subtle loss
Yet not
A dark sponge
Stuck with mud
Cannot get in
Cannot get out
The way we bend
The words we say
To our benefit
You give me your fear
I fear
Please let me forget
What you meant
When you said
“I’m patient”

Nathan Wade Carter is a gay, grace poet, musician, and artist living in Portland, Oregon. His poetry can be found in Potluck Magazine, Souvenir, Powder Keg Magazine, Horse Less Press, Pacifica Literary Review, and others. He writes and performs songs under the name Purrbot. He is recording a new album called DNR. Find him online at


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