Two Poems by Kailey Alyssa

Poetry: Kailey Alyssa


i shed light like dampness

to bloodmouth or cotton arches—

that is to say, i like it when my belly stretches & holds

in wind undone for the desert; how fingers hook edges

of bra clasp       how dicks harden under cotton bolded

like a cliff but it’s too late—   we roll back to standing

prey in woods                           dark.

hunting ground

seaside slumping & the scene unfolds like this:

in the back of his father’s car a stray elbow hits

overhead light       to find blood smeared vinyl.

salt rolls in.           wet clay on a wheel & i wax

into this picture slowly           mouth upturned

closed-form offering parts undone by darkness.

Kailey Alyssa is currently residing in Longmont, Colorado. She is a graduate of the MFA program at the University of Colorado Boulder as well as the former Poetry Editor of Timber. You can find her work in places like Dreginald, Hobart, Juked, Pacifica Literary Review, Salò Press’ Milk: An Anthology of Eroticism, and The Thought Erotic.


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