Bad Survivalist Poetry: “A Suitable Piece of Real Estate (As You Like It)” by W.E. Pierce

Bad Survivalist: W.E. Pierce

A Suitable Piece of Real Estate (As You Like It)

By the pine gap
in these woods

is a green door
into the code

We find it on
an early walk

after coffee

The air is cold

but the door steams
warm to the touch

though we don’t touch
It hums  Someone

runs the numbers
on this thing that

hasn’t happened to us yet
(the insects halve and halve

and halve and halve and halve)
when we walk through

ten thousand years
each less and less alike

we realize we like this place
and willingly would

waste our time in it

W.E. Pierce is a poet and journalist living near Chicago. His poetry has appeared in The Literary Review and is forthcoming in Word For/Word.

Image: Wikimedia Commons

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