Poetry: “egg” by Tameca L Coleman


the desert demands
a new


when waiting is a death


pop out the eye
turn the retina
inside        out


turn out    lungs
make the heart



the gut            soften
bone    let

flesh    innards wrapped        blood and bone paste


a shell

in bright sun    the exterior

peck away the interior

the protective eye has become
a waiting that is a life



1. (“Black Mesa”, Biosphere featuring Joan Lorring) — April – June 2018

Tameca L Coleman is a singer, writer, massage therapist, itinerant nerd, and point-and-shoot tourist in her own town. She has published work in many genres. She has also performed and recorded music with many different bands. She doodles sometimes and likes weird music and dancebreaks. For more information about her work, find her via her social media handle @sireneatspoetry.

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