“Dreamland Grandma Patch Notes Updates V 1.1,” a poem by Cori Bratby-Rudd

This update enhances the compatibility of Grandma with other programs. It will henceforth be renamed “Dreamland Grandma.” It is recommended for all users. Restart required.

  • Based on user feedback, increased source material of queer texts/knowledge
  • Decreased speech ability
  • Decreased ability to comment on fashion choices
  • Increased desire for generosity
  • Deactivates critical capacities in regards to queerness
  • Contains improvements in baking and cooking capabilities
  • Dishwashing skill downgrade (Requires download of sister program Dreamland Grandpa—all subsequent chore tasks will be distributed to sister program)
  • To share your feedback, yell directly into the monitor and Dreamland Grandma will send a synchronized data report to manufacturers
  • Bug fixes involving the experience manager
  • Fixed a bug that resulted in verbal refusals to attend weddings
  • Fixed a bug that prevented Grandma from apologizing

Cori Bratby-Rudd is an eclectic writer from the Bay Area. As a recent graduate from UCLA’s Gender Studies department, and a current MFA candidate in Creative Writing at California Institute of the Arts, she enjoys incorporating themes of emotional healing and social justice into her creative and nonfiction works. She has been published in Ms. Magazine, DryLand Lit Press, FEM News, Canyon News, Rainy Day Magazine, Westwind Journal of the Arts, and she recently received an editorial choice award in Audeamus Honors Journal for the best research piece.

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