Seven Political Animals by Jessy Randall et al.







Jessy Randall‘s visual poems have appeared in Poetry, Rattle, and The Best American Experimental Writing. A collection of her diagram poems, How to Tell If You Are Human, is forthcoming from Pleiades Press in 2018. She is a librarian at Colorado College and her website is 

The artists are Suzie DeGrasse (Manatee), Carol Dickerson (Mouse, Hippo), Simona Mkrtschjan (Parrot), and Emily Chan (Goose). “Political Animals” is a collaborative project. If you’d like to participate, send your animal drawings to I consider artistic skill a bonus—it is not required. Images from the project have appeared or are forthcoming in Angry Old Man, Cahoodaloodaling, 521, Maudlin House, Ohio Edit, and Uppagus.

Author image: Bryan Oller

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