Poetry: “Lone Wolf” by Jill M. Talbot

Jill M. Talbot

Lone Wolf

Lone Wolf: dangerous and
inadequate: see God: see proof
of quantum mechanics: see Einstein:
see WWIV: see roman candle: see
Renaissance: see writers: see Woolf: see
Book of Job: see impotent God: see existent
ialism: see internet meme: see joke: see punch
line: see deadline: see autopsy. Lone wolf: pledges
allegiance to his own ego: see Freud: see flagpole: see
Oedipus Complex: see Death Drive in Overdrive: see self
less driving: see jealousy of feral mating cats: see voyeurism:
see slugs for toes: see castration: see hate without a master: see
slavery: see history: see poetry: see alone wolf: see alternative terror
ism: see fact: see nonfiction: see library discard pile: see God: see God:
see Good: see vigil: see pack of cards with hearts on fire: see red: see Salvation
Army: see return policy on comforter: see Bloc Quebecois: see maple syrup: see
choking warning on Lego: see Facebook: see matching service for lone wolves: see
bloodbath: see Shakespearean tragedy with virtual actors: see Broadway: see Miss Uni
verse: see flashbacks from a broken camera: see childhood: see space too ashamed to touch:
see church: see fashion: see a way of telling wolf packs apart: see fascism: see flashback:
see flashback: see flashback: see setback: see matches: see pyromaniac: see monster:
see real: see fear: see fight-flight-freeze: see amygdala: see reptiles: see zoo: see
anti-freeze: see climate change. Lone wolf: friend to Fox: see contradiction:
see inbred: see career of clown: see fear: see blood: see laughter: see black
humor: see sheep in wolves’ clothing: see Quebec: see quilt: see melting
gun: see boundary: see wall: see immigration ban: see hell: see it won’t
happen here: see irony: see Groundhog Day. Lone wolf: dangerously
inadequate: see Book of Job: see spiral: see spiral: see spiral: see
say it won’t happen here: see selective mutism: see wolf run:
see Spot run: see Bloody Mary: see Happy Hour: see Pro
zac: see pardon: see pardon my French: see flag: see
country: see anthem: see Oh say you see: see NPR:
see BBC: see CBC: see Charlie Hebdo: see Goo
gle: see history: see repeat: see rinse: see clean
se: see pink: see feminism: see march: see ho
pe: see false: see God. Lone wolf: see char
ges: see joke: see punchline: see not funny:
see Lone Wolf: see Alexandre Bissonnette:
see white: see this is what a terrorist looks
like: see?
See ring
See Wolf

Jill M. Talbot attended Simon Fraser University for psychology before pursing her passion for writing. Jill has appeared in GeistRattlePoetry Is DeadThe PuritanMatrixsubTerrain, and The Tishman Review. Jill was shortlisted for the Matrix Lit POP Award for fiction and the Malahat Far Horizons Award for poetry. Jill lives on Gabriola Island, BC.

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