“Monster,” a GIF comic poem by Matthew Kramer

*Ed.’s Note: click image to view larger size.

Matthew Kramer is a, writer, illustrator, and artist in Providence, Rhode Island. He is an MFA candidate in Literary Arts at Brown University, where he teaches comics. His artwork can be viewed at matthewckramer.com and canttakemeanywhere.com. “The comic poems are a series of soliloquies and dialogues in which everyday aphorisms, thoughts, and conversations give rise to flashes of lucidity. The poetics of these comics resides not only in the the text but also in the sequential drawings, which employ the repetition and variation of verse. These short takes illustrate the elegance of commonplace speech and its relation to literary arts. There is poetry in everyday words, gestures, and looks. Grounded in the visual ballet of facial expression, this collection shows how, as it enters the world, inner monologue can create lyrical moments.”

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