Three Collage Hybrids by Guy Benjamin Brookshire

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Liberty looks in the mirror and over her shoulder far on the floor there is a bloody massacre. A hideous and murderous entertainment. In which the very best of people find themselves compelled at least every once in a while to complete their application and legally enter into the destruction of other people. The bad ones—those with no elevation. Surely they must be governed rather than govern. How else shall we defend our liberty, sweet mistress of our devotion. We love a goddess and she is a whore. But each one of us calls her a different name. She looks over her shoulder at a scene of terrible retribution. A scene of justice accomplished with maximum failure.

The Last of the Junken Officers Hears the Terms of Pusspaw

“Everyone who has truly lived must now accept that there is now more than one God, more than one pole to existence, more than one library of the truth.”

The Killer Prince

Horror ends in horror, that is why it prevails.

Guy Benjamin Brookshire was born in Searcy, Arkansas, in 1977, got covered in fire ants in 1980, and traveled widely. He studied poetry at The Writing Seminars at Johns Hopkins, where he met and later married editor and librarian Amanda Choi. They have two girls. He writes and collages in Vallejo, California. He is the author of The Universe War, a collage comic book. New Oldestland, a chapbook of collages and writings, was released by 421 Atlanta in 2014. Hello My Meat, a collaboration with Daniel Beauregard, was published by Lame House Press.

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