“x is God,” a poem by Success Akpojotor

L = R
L + x = R + x
L – x = R – x
L(x) = R(x), x not abhorrence

L/x = R/x, x not loathing

the equation is in turmoil
tossed to the floor like a
drunk, reeling to and fro.

but the golden rule of equation
commands: do unto the left side
what you do unto the right side
and you do it until all you have
side by side is x. What is x? x
is osculation, buss. x is God.

God is love. x is love. x is all.

What is (L) left? Face north, 0o
L is 270o: a whole new view, but
it’s not wide of the mark, not
amiss, not dark. x is in L. x is
the promise of equation. Find x.

What is (R) Right? Face north, 0o
R is perpendicular—the angle 90.
It doesn’t connote dead-on: it’s
just another view. x is in R too.
What is good for R is fine for L.
x is the equivalence, the balance.

but the equation is in turmoil
tossed to the floor like a
drinkard, reeling to and fro.
Can we find x?




Success Akpojotor’s verses have been featured in Nigerian ObserverTuck MagazinePoets Reading The NewsWax Poetry and Art, among others. Born and raised in Benin City, Nigeria, he holds a Bachelor of Arts in History from the University of Benin.

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