Three Collages by Erin Case

*Ed.’s Note: click images to view larger sizes.

No Taste



Erin Case is an award-winning visual artist based in Midland, Michigan, with a focus in collage. Working in both analog and digital methods, she is regarded for the marriage of surrealism, sincerity, and evocativeness that is present throughout her body of work. While still an undergraduate, Erin’s work has already gained international attention. During the summer of 2013, her work was featured in forty-two separate locations across Canada for Art in Transit’s International Collage Exhibition. She has also had features in the widely circulated Lola Magazine of Brazil, Las Vegas based magazine Vegas/Rated, and Prototype Magazine of the United Kingdom. She currently has work hanging for Patchbox Project in Rome and expects a local solo exhibition in the new year. Visit her official website at:

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