Two Poems by Ally Harris

Ally Harris


Color, orb             ring—fur, lie, rise serious, heavy
head I shoulder mind on. Pleasure
this conversion as the ram ray sparkest thus
a cranial lace over the gun-lined crag. I taught myself
this          many other things         shod form
among the famine-sad window of the shear
welcomed the final element douched from rafter tatters, gaped
half peripheral in sleep’s hood            foddered         film-like
in a snake of teeth, shoddy, drawn, anemic
all that scares us   scares us   has been told to scare us
in that labor-special kind of build, a revelation
based on stirring while boring morrow
stung along the engine wobbles like a lamb

My Stinking Iris

If I am to suffer myth, the cumene
vertebrae of my pyrotechnics
September you’re out. Mysterious
heart-curl lazuli-
soft jellyfish of the mantle.
I am a frog in the dull, flush
in lily-green paunch
and beer. I in you am a lens
over that vision, the white symbology
of a snow-alone steeple.
I devised it
I think it’s good, maybe
I think the world is good
or that it is without
reason for
complexity’s sake

Ally Harris is the author of two chapbooks of poetry, Her Twin Was After Me (Slim Princess Holdings) and floor baby (dancing girl press), and has poems in The Volta, Sink Review, Denver Quarterly, BOAAT Press, Entropy Magazine, and Bennington Review. She is a graduate of the Iowa Writer’s Workshop, hosts submission reading series and Drunk Church for Women in Portland, Oregon, and edits poetry for Heavy Feather.

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