Three Poems by Jared Joseph

Poetry: Jared Joseph

As She Added the Dirt to Her Beauty

She added the alphabet to her

Fabulous muscles

I died there.

Before that I was a ghost

Now I am a ghost.

The wounds don’t heal

Does the skin break

As she adds the dirt to her beauty

She adds the eyes her body.

As I died there very far

The car died too.

All of technology was saddled to horses

Who neighed

No No No No without problems.

I sighed

No No No No without problems.

When my feet turned to paws & my hands

Turned to paws I unfastened her bra

Just kidding I didn’t bro.

I didn’t pause to touch all the beauty on her body.

All my.

It still catches in my fur

I hate rain

& I carry clumps of her because

As a man I lack beauty & write only beauty

I turn the grain & the stones & I turn the body in the bud to a woman in a bed.

I sift the beans & I churn the butter & I turn with my spasm the Chinese (Mormon) apricot


& it manifests to me like all woman’s moans do.

& I feed the months of beauty in my fur with dew.

& I die here long time

Now that I am a ghost

& I die here long time.

Now that my wet heart is dry leaves

I am a hoary rake

I poach all the kept creatures

I see the clumps of beauty in their furs

I weep & I sweep the earth because

My beauty is hotter than theirs.

My face forces open.

I spit gravity until sky.

During day I chew the goat

The light is lewd, it flashes me, it wears time

On my overcoat my deity is beautiful

See, I am a burden which is lifted by five fingers

Dog Roses

i think in the smoking midsection of the devil
a bit scabious at the roundtable
a bit andaloosy goosy in granada
i think all their speaking

be actual
lee the jewish quarantine
once in the past for centuries
where my sephardi ancestry sighed

& other antecedents next day fled nazis
& some other ashkenazim signed off
& under smart dark death zoot
suits were red powered

anecdotes and

swastikas worn were yes
t’day once very sensitive svasti
well-being vast boygirls
hindis freely felt me
me when i wasnt

very well, being
sensitive these nights
these very sensitive skinsome

nights scrubbed off
balm stoning the light with

these sensitive nights’                         tattooed
pathos walls & patina


& skin i call’d you
for centuries kindred & kind
real top-shelf & kind

poetry my regal right aquiline profile
with a nose like argentina.
my left profile’s a dog

stained satin

all fighting over father’s chewed meat
a valid action for the end of a row
i am an unbuckled island airline mutt

& ich bin ein every sweet jelly donut,

in this outerspace where
i carry inside all the races


strap-shaped love
two to roll the scrolls,
by rolling one & unrolling the other
the thing is read
the texty thing is read

ate it with silver pomegranates
tie these words to your wrist as a sign
(sore ejaculate)
tie this signal on your forehead
(pour blood circulation)
tie this signal on your sons
the circumcision ones

He wears the law on your forehead
& on your arm the bad one
(the bad arm)
your arm
the bad leather is strap-shaped love
to fill your sons with bad-shaped love
this is the one about men

strafe-shaped love
here’s the onus/amen
he belonged not point-blankly
to an organ
he point-blanked a child
a point child in a blanked school
fingerblood as paint as red
& the order blanked the other

who ordered this cut coffee
i ordered coffee splash’d w/milk
this coffee with a slashed bit of milk
my mother tits for slash wants of milk
(sore ejaculate)
armed the bad one

unlatched the LR song
i opened a little rasp.
jar of jam when she came
she made jam when she came
we’ll make jam when she comes

i’ll open a little rasp.
jar of jam when she comes
& if she doesn’t sunshine come
(sore ejaculate)

i’ll jam come-shaped love
leather on my left arm (bad)
leather on my left wrist (bad)
i’ll pour her vigilant ablution
i’ll part her virgin absolution

if she says no point-blank
i’ll call it guam berry
i’ll call it little glib berry
i’ll call it son

sun-ripped throat
sun-kissed wrapped in plastic
wrap-shaped love
plastic berkertex love
the backslid lack love?
lube a pliant bride
injunction in the bead eye
not the bad one
note the bad one
quote the sore arm

the text is silver & read.
read stains the passage
read stains the school hall
read stains the blank temple
the temple’s torn opening
shoots read blanks
the law is written & read in read
the sign off the devil is written in read

Jared Joseph is boring.

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