Poetry: “The Morning After the 2016 Presidential Election” by Lynn Marie Houston


The Morning After the 2016 Presidential Election

So much depends
on the two lesbians
across the street
who turn off
the morning news,
leave still-steaming
coffee on the table,
eggs uneaten on plates,
and walk hand-in-hand
to the mud room
of their white colonial
where they gather
the American flag
(so heavy now
it takes both of them
to lift it),
open the front door
like they do every day
and place it in its holder.

Lynn Marie Houston is a poet, editor, and educator. Her first poetry book, The Clever Dream of Man (Aldrich Press, 2015), garnered numerous post-publication awards. Her next book of poems, The Mauled Keeper, will be available in spring 2017 from Main Street Rag Publishing. She holds a Ph.D. from Arizona State University and is currently completing her M.F.A. at Southern Connecticut State University.

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