Poetry & Song: “My Joyous Crown” by Nancy Christensen King & Alani Keiser

My Joyous Crown (Poem by Nancy Christensen King)

Calculating and deliberate
As Flamenco dancers’ feet,
You tapped and stomped upon my heart
Controlling every beat.

Frightening, yet soothing
Loyalty became,
A necessary melody
My freedom to defame.

Like a raging fire
Leaves no stick unburned,
The marrow of my spirit
To ashen ruins turned.

Until I could not bear
The weight of heavy hands,
A voice of conscience overtook
To issue new commands.

I heard it loud, I heard it clear
Loud as a Gatling gun,
Drowned out commitment’s duty
Your hold on me undone.

Those who grieved in Zion
Traded ashes for a crown,
Drenched in the oil of gladness
True essence to rebound.

Like those ancient Israelites
From darkness I arise—
Veronica’s false veil lifted
Unravels my disguise.

In some strange way, I love you still
For the way you took me down,
Lest I could not have risen
To wear my joyous crown.

Like Pythagoras I believe
We find our inner wealth,
No one is free who’s not obtained
The empire of himself.

Poet and genealogist, Nancy Christensen King writes poetry about love, life, and hope. Her articles, stories and poems have appeared in print and on-line publications. “My Joyous Crown” was written ‘for’ her ex-husband. She escaped an abusive marriage and has been the victim of street assault and rape. “Writing can be a means to capture the feelings and passion for survival and to look forward to a better future. We must cry out and condemn abuse by all means possible. There must be respect shown at every level of society by brothers and sisters, husbands and wives, parents and children, strangers and friends, and by those who would lead nations.”

Poetically inspired songstress, Alani Keiser was born and raised in South Africa. She started her career as a poet but later married poetry with her passion for singing. She has been published and recorded multiple times and is the recipient of songwriting awards from the UK Songwriting Competition. Alani was sexually assaulted in the workplace by her boss and when she complained was told, “He’s just being silly and you’re a spoiled brat.” Alani was sexually abused by her step-brother as a pre-teen. “It’s so important that we speak up and let other people know that it’s not okay.”

Sister spirits across the globe, Nancy and Alani have collaborated to bring poetry to life with music and together have produced three CD collections and are working on several new projects.

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