Poetry: M.G. Martin’s “over & over until again”

it’s not that you get better, worse, or stay the same, but that you are all of the above. you are greater than the sum & are all of the parts. the worst part of your you is me & i will bite the words “i love you” until my teeth abandon my gums. creeley said: you are not me, nor i you. i wish i were both & you were a photograph of what you want. you want what i am wanting to be inside of your you, something that can fly further than the edge of anything. i am cheating on myself with you over & over until again. you are the place poets call “precipice,” where i go to explode. this world is imperfect for a lack of nouns naming you. finding anything is the hardest part, but o i love that chair, the one in which you just sat.


Photo credit: morguefile.com. diannehope

M.G. Martin is the author of One for None (Ink. 2010). His work appears or is forthcoming in Word Riot, ZYZZYVA, Vinyl, PANK, Requited, and Shampoo, among others. He lives in Brooklyn, New York. Find him at mgmartin.tumblr.com and twitter.com/themgmartin.

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