Poetry: Adam Moorad’s “Villa Adrian”

Adam Moorad

Villa Adrian

you used to
screw a hick
i lived with
that’s how we met
we slept together once
and it happened again
in a celica
i didn’t recognize you
or even know
if it was actually you
and on another night
you danced for me
and called me
someone else’s name
and it reminded me
how i forgot
you know
i know
no one knows
about this

Adam Moorad is a poet, salesman, and mountaineer. He is the author of I Went to the Desert (Thunderclap Press, 2010), Oikos (nonpress, 2010), Book of Revelations (Artistically Declined Press, 2011), and Piñata (propaganda press, 2011). He lives in Brooklyn, New York. Visit him: adamadamadamadamadam.blogspot com.

Photo credit: imelenchon, morguefile.com

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