Vol. 7

Table of Contents


‘What the Water Told Us’ by Ashely Adams
AWW Fiction Fellowship

The Way the Wholehearted Live
Suzzanna Matthews-Amanzio

Still No Snow
Michael Seymour Blake

Twenty-two Voicemails
Chris Ames

The Complicated Twirl
AJ Atwater

Heather Sager

Midnight at the Organporium
Tara Campbell

Blood Orange
Kate Garklavs

Almost Like Children
Erika T. Wurth

They Had Turned into Something Else
Babak Laghomi

More Fish Than Man
Marcus Pactor

Joe West’s Brother
Siamak Vossoughi

A Catalogue of Leavings
Claire Hopple

Claire Polders

The Final Trumpet
Hillary Leftwich

What Is Left
Jen Michalski



Lay Off the High Ones
Isabelle Davis

Introduction to the Symbols of the Revolution
Plutarch’s Parallel Lives of Virtue and Failing
On Horseback
Kathryn Nuernberger



Archeology as Prayer
Amy Ash & Callista Buchen

The One and Only Thing
Parking Lot at Whole Foods
Being Transformed into a Phoenix
Substance A Always Reacts to Substance B

Mary Flanagan

say something
Ananda Lima

After Words
In Praise of the Passive Voice
Shorty at the Door
Noah Eli Gordon

Excerpt from Gimme the Pretty: Sonnets
Devon Wootten

Celebration Lane
Matt Muth

Argument Against the Earthy Pigments
Trina Burke

You Are/No Longer
Shannon Hearn

The Year I Lost An Eye
The Year I Sat in the Empty Parking Lot Until Dawn Wondering When My Voice Would Change
The Year I Apparently Didn’t Ride The Ride
Cary Stough

At Large
Brennan Bestwick

Firing Squad Concerto
The Dance Homicide Top Forty
Rob Cook

You Can’t Spank the Monkey Forever, the Monkey Hates It
MK Chavez

Seismic Enthusiast
Crowd Pleasure
Double Strike
Peter Longofono

Guiding God
Mining Irony
By the Book
Heikki Huotari

Elk Splat
Taneum Bambrick

distant constricted arteries
Jim Warner

Yaphet Kotto
Kevin Peter Hall
Joe Milazzo

2 Blessed 2 Be Stressed
C.T. McGaha

Old Issaquah mine entrance, once sealed, is slowly reopening
Reading the American Image
Lauren Loftis

Ryan Mills

Dear Brother
Dear Brother
Dear Brother
A.M. O’Malley



At Camp This Summer
Lavatory Break
James Forman K-12, after hours
Marlin M. Jenkins

The Actuarials
A.E. Weisgerber

The Leaves Will Protect Us
Anne Riesenberg



In Search of Basho
In Search of Basho
In Search of Basho
In Search of Basho
In Search of Basho

Ross Findlay & Mark ‘Fittsy’ Fittock

The Politics of Love
Alex Duensing





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