Vol. 7

You Can’t Spank the Monkey Forever, the Monkey Hates It


Like porn, casual sex will eventually get boring.

If the person you’re considering having sex with
makes you feel dirty and ashamed before penetration,
imagine how it will feel once your heart is harpooned
and a mere figurehead on a prow.

Everyone can be a unicorn if they stop being a dick.

If someone has given your directions on how to find love,
Remember that a map to the heart is a cart-tas-trophe

Dive head first, heavy headed as a baby
when you come across the one,
the second and the third.

Try all the lovers on for size.

It’s all target practice.

Attempting to attach order to something that is endemically
chaotic is a bunch of
dopamine, norepinephrine and serotonin.

Don’t give up before you’ve reached your mark.

After the storm roll your hummingbird heart in the muck
until you are one with nature.

You have to die to be reborn.

Imagine yourself a hunter.

Now imagine yourself as the last white rhino.

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