Vol. 7

Celebration Lane


Be large o heart hug the sum
of this world close: its shiny skin its Chinese
families stuffing fries into their kids
its Tesla bulbs its bindis tinsel
winking in Fendi shades all of us

a tight and liquid macramé
of living well the light show at the IMAX
a sentimental crumple zone the percussion
section’s toms the bands between
the majorette’s teeth: o heart awash

in artificial snow beneath
the Cheesecake Factory this grand display
a festive wreath hung from the gate of wealth
this teeming of strollers Santa
soap sound a soft glow

on the flagstones
made great and magnified in our weaving
a polity of mirrors beams of bright beating
us o heart listen:
a chorus of children

singing Living in America
and if they expunge Detroit City for Snoqualmie
be impregnable at the sight of this parade
and look at us o heart
so blank and brave behind the barricade

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