Vol. 7

With a long, storied history of thirty years and counting, the Antioch Writers’ Workshop has encouraged and guided many writers on their creative writing path, and passionately welcomes all writers of fiction, creative nonfiction and memoir, and poetry. Whether you’re a beginning, intermediate, or advanced writer, Antioch Writers’ Workshop programs offer the tools and inspiration you need to take the next steps on your writing path. AWW offers instruction in the creative writing craft and in the professional skills creative writers need to succeed in the publishing world, as well as opportunities for connecting to a vibrant, supportive creative writing community.

In 2017, AWW entered into a partnership with the University of Dayton, and is formally known as The Antioch Writers’ Workshop at the University of Dayton. The University of Dayton provides in-kind space—a physical office, mailing address, and space for the Spring one-day seminar and Summer week-long event. Other benefits include availability of the summer program to students at institutions in SOCHE (Southwestern Ohio Council for Higher Education). The availability of on-campus lodging is a bonus for participants coming to the summer full-week program from out of town.

Continuing to foster beginning, intermediate, and advanced writers, the workshop has launched new, biannual fellowship opportunities with Heavy Feather:

AWW Fiction Fellowship

Fully Subsidized Scholarship to Antioch Writers’ Workshop

First Place Winner:
Partially Subsidized Scholarship to Antioch Writer’s Workshop

Top 5 entries reviewed by AWW scholarship committee