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Heavy Feather Vol. 7
7in W x 10in H. 151 pages. Black & white. Cover by Daniel Torraca.

Features inaugural AWW Fellowship Best-in-Show winner Ashely Adams’ short story “What the Water Told Us”. Excerpts from the haiku web comic In Search of Basho, created by Ross Findlay & Mark “Fittsy” Fittock. One-act play by A.E. Weisgerber. Art by Daniel Torraca and Alex Duensing. Fiction by Suzzanna Matthews-Amanzio, Michael Seymour Blake, Chris Ames, AJ Atwater, Heather Sager, Tara Campbell, Kate Garklavs, Erika T. Wurth, Babak Lakghomi, Marcus Pactor, Siamak Vossoughi, Claire Hopple, Claire Polders, Hillary Leftwich, and Jen Michalski. Poetry by Amy Ash & Callista Buchen, Mary Flanagan, Ananda Lima, Noah Eli Gordon, Devon Wootten, Matt Muth, Trina Burke, Shannon Hearn, Cary Stough, Brennan Bestwick, Rob Cook, MK Chavez, Peter Longofono, Heikki Huotari, Taneum Bambrick, Jim Warner, Joe Milazzo, C.T. McGaha, Lauren Loftis, Ryan Mills, and A.M. O’Malley. Essays by Isabelle Davis and Kathryn Nuernberger. Hybrid work by Marlin M. Jenkins and Anne Riesenberg.

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